Monday, July 21, 2008

DTGD '08 and Super Chevy

Hi all and happy Monday! Is it as stinkin' hot where you are as it is here?? Yikes! Maybe we'll go to the pool this afternoon.

I wanted to remind you all that as of today the Dare to Get Dirty '08 Challenges (for SCS Fan Club Members) are underway!!! Yippee!! This year's theme is "A Day in the Life of a Dirty Girl." HERE'S a link to all the details.....and psssst...there are chances for prizes!!! Whoo-hoo!!! The first challenge starts at 9 a.m. Pacific time this a.m. so keep an eye out.

We had such a fun, "motorhead" weekend. Saturday night we went to a demolition derby (pics are in the post below). Fun! Yesterday was Super Chevy at Maple Grove Raceway and my dad was racing. He did GREAT! It was hot, but we had a blast! He went four rounds and had real consistent runs the entire day. My dad is a bracket racer, which means that before he makes a run down the track, he has to set a dial-in time (the time he thinks it'll take him to get to the end of the track). He was dialing it at 10.08 and 10.09 and each time ran pretty much right on his number! Awesome! He red-lighted on that four round (red lighting means he couldn't hold the car and left the line before he got a full green light...automatic disqualification)....but even though he red-lighted, he STILL ran right on his dial-in time. Very cool!

Here are some more pics from the dad's car, my girls, the jet cars (don't panic, the flames are supposed to be there, LOL!), and one of the nitro cars.

Talk to you all soon!


Dawn Easton said...

OH fun!!! TFS those pictures!

Can't wait for the DTGD challenges to start!

silke said...

Cool pictures - Denise!!! Sounds like your dad and you all had fun!?!

Anonymous said...

Such cool pictures! Looks like you had alot of fun this weekend! :)


Rose Ann said...

More great pics and too much fun!! TFS!!

Mothermark said...

You really are a racer at heart! Darn it! Shoulda made your circus card a Christmas Tree....isn't that what they call them? Snort!

Or better yet, just should made your circus card black and white checkered...yeah, thats it!

Cool go girl! Did you see Danica Patrick and that other girl racer almost lay each other out? Hee!