Monday, June 2, 2008

Lots of Happy Mail

I had a huge stack of happy mail waiting for me when we got back today, and I wanted to share it all with you. My awesome friends made these for when I was the featured stamper on SCS. I have them all proudly displayed on my wall board here by my desk.

These two cards are from Lori (LMcAree). The one was for the FS challenge and the other was a total surprise. You can check out Lori's gallery HERE and her blog HERE.

These are so pretty, Lori, and I'm truly touched by that sentiment. You're a doll! {HUGS}

The next two are from Silke (sparklegirl). She made both of these gorgeous cards for the FS challenge..yep, TWO of them. You can check out Silke's gallery HERE and her blog HERE.

Love everything about these, Silke! Gorgeous in every way! Love ya, girl! {HUGS!}

And finally, this was made by Cindy (Mothermark), themed around my SCS screen name. There are so many cool details on this, it's amazing! You can check out Cindy's gallery HERE.

Cindy, I absolutely ADORE this card and I loved the creative story you made to go with it last Sunday. I've always admired your work and enjoy talking to you through PM''re a sweetheart too. {HUGS! your LB}


Jetstudio Designs said...

wonderful cards...they are all beautiful..I bet they did brighten your day!!

Dawn Easton said...

Wonderful RAKS!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome cards, Denise! Lucky you recieving such beautiful cards! :)

Julia Aston said...

What beautiful cards from 3 beautiful people!! How fun to 'own' these!!

Julia Aston said...

Hi again - check out my blog - I've tagged you!

Lori said...

Glad they got there in one piece and you like them!! I loved making them for you!!

Rose Ann said...

Awesome Happy Mail!! Congrats again on being FS!!

silke said...

I'm so glad you have received the cards!!! I'm so glad you love them!!!

Mothermark said...

Hi Denise! Thank you once again for posting my card to your blog. I am so glad you received it okay. I told you it was big! Hope I didn't cost you money by having to go out and buy a bigger display board! Yikes!

You got some wonderful cards....and very deservingly so!

Happy Today!